Acupuncture and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy And Counselling

Practitioner: Colette Hartgill

Psychotherapy explores relationships and behaviours in great depth and involves a long-term process. In counselling the focus is generally more on the finding of solutions to specific, current problems or on one aspect of a persons life. Hence counselling tends to involve a shorter process than psychotherapy. The term therapy is used below to cover both ways of working.

  1. Therapy... What is it?
  2. Why People Seek Therapy?
  3. How Can Therapy Help?
  4. How Often And For How Long?

Therapy... What is it?

ReflectionsTherapy is a means of facilitating greater understanding of ourselves, and how we relate with others. In essence it is about helping us live in a more satisfying and resourceful way through better use of our hidden strengths.

It can offer us a safe, supportive and confidential space where we can look at what is happening in our life and develop skills in making better choices through increased awareness. The relationship that develops in regular sessions is quite different from relationships with family and friends. Individual therapy offers a guarantee of uninterrupted and focused time to look at ourselves, and whatever issues we choose to bring.

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Why People Seek Therapy?

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons: at times of change in their lives; in periods of stress or crisis; when they are uncertain of the way forward or their ability to make progress. They may want to talk to someone who can listen well, support them and help confront issues in life that cause them problems. They may need someone who is not part of their everyday life and who has no involvement in their particular situation.

Counselling and psychotherapy are not only for people in distress but also offers positive life enhancing benefits such as: improved communication, motivation and working towards fulfilment of ambitions. Anyone may benefit from therapy at some time in his or her life.

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How Can Therapy Help?

Winding RoadThe process of therapy is about:

  • helping you to gain better understanding of some aspects of your life or patterns of behaviour
  • developing a wider range of choices in how you think about your life experiences
  • helping you become aware of your feelings and needs
  • learning how to respond to your needs
  • learning how to express your emotions
  • discovering inner strengths and resources

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How Often And For How Long?

Individual sessions last one hour and are usually once a week, with a minimum commitment to six sessions. I am available for short and long term work.

As the work is exploratory there is no set number of therapy sessions and mutual, regular reviews of progress are part of the process. My fee is £40 for each session.

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